Leads Settings

Learn about your settings with your Leads section

Easily set up your program interests, sources and statuses for your leads.


*NOTE: The spelling and spacing of the text in each field is important for website integration and connecting to other platforms -- such as Mailchimp and Aweber.


From your control panel go to Leads > Settings to get started.

To add/edit programs that you offer click Program interests. Click "Add new field" to input a new program (when your Leads are entering their information they will be able to choose what program they are interested in).


You can organize the order in which the programs show by clicking on the six dot moving symbol.


Click the trash button icon to delete the program.


Click the pencil button to edit the title at any time.

To add the sources where your lead could find you, select "Source" > "add new field".

Add additional Statuses by clicking Status > Add additional status.


Note: Statuses help you to organize your leads and to further detail your Custom Campaigns for leads. To learn more about custom campaigns for your leads, please CLICK HERE!

Once you have entered the status, click save.