Map & Footer

Add a map to your business and a footer with any contact information for your members.



Embed an interactive Google map of your location by copying and pasting the Google map embed html code.


Go to Google Maps and search your business. Select the More Options Menu in the upper left corner.


Click "Share or embed map".


Click "Embed a map", then copy the HTML.


You will paste this HTML in the Google Map HTML box.


Then you will see an interactive map of your business location at the bottom of your website.





You can customize your Footer to show social links as well as your business name, phone number, email, and address.


Click Manage for Social Links to open your Social Integrations.


The Social Links will not show Google Review or Yelp. These links are for social media links only.


The Social Links will show as clickable buttons at the bottom of your website.


To edit the Business Information, click Manage for any Business Info to open your Business Profile.


You can also access this page via My Account > Business Profile:


This information will be displayed under the social links.