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Member Referral

Learn how to manage your referral section

Referrals are great incentives to get your members to refer their friends to your school!


To get started and set up your custom Member Referral message for your customers, visit Sales Channels > Member App/Portal > Member Referral:


From here, you'll see your Referral Details page:


Set your referral program up just they way you like it. Offer a gift card, discount or payment credit. Whatever suits you and your school best!


Your members can easily refer their friends on their app by clicking "Invite Friends". 


Once they do, you will be notified via email. The referral will auto populate within your referral list as seen in the screenshot above. 


You can reach out to your new referrals by using a saved email template under Communications > Emails > Templates or by phone - whatever works best for you!