Membership Registration Fields

Learn how to add custom fields when building your Membership that members will be able to view and fill out.

Creating Registration Fields for Memberships allows you as a studio to get important information from customers right from registration. This information can include items such as allergies, belt size, etc.


In this article you will learn how to:

  • Create custom registration fields for memberships.

  • The two types of answers you can set.

  • Where to view and edit the answers to these fields.



Create Membership Custom Fields


In Registration Fields of the Details section, you can add new fields for information you want your members to fill out. If you click the box "Make Field Mandatory" the member will be required to fill in this field before they can register. Also, the option to create a Dropdown and Short Answer field is now available:




View A Program Participant's Field Details


In All Customers > Program > click Participant's name, you will be taken to the Participant's Program Registration to be able to view the participant fields in the Details section. You can also edit these fields if needed:


When you add new fields to an existing membership these fields will appear within the Program Registration of previously registered members. You can go back and add in the information for these fields for these members at any time.