Open Enrollment Membership Example: 3-Month Down Payment + Monthly Payments Starting the 4th Month

Membership option for auto renew with upfront payment, then delayed start to recurring monthly payments

This Open Enrollment structure Membership Option allows you to:

  • Navigate the Open Enrollment structure.

  • Sell a certain amount of months upfront.

  • Delay recurring monthly payments that auto renews.

This structure is useful for studios that would like for members to pay an upfront down-payment to cover a certain amount of months with monthly recurring payments that starts months later.



Membership Details and Waiver Agreement


Make sure you have filled out your Details section for your Membership. The Waver and Agreement of the Membership provides legal language for customers to sign and agree to your membership's terms, auto-renewal policies if applicable, and cancellation procedures (consult your legal representative for help with your agreement):


NOTE: When users register for any membership, a copy of the agreement that they sign and accept will be attached with their registration confirmation:



Open Enrollment Membership Option Details


On Membership Options, you will be able to add a new membership payment option. Click "Add Membership Options" and begin setting up your Membership Option Details with the down payment and payment starting information:




Open Enrollment Membership Option Payment Setup


Structure: Open Enrollment structure for auto renew.
Sign-Up Fee: Put upfront cost as the Sign Up Fee.

(Ex. 3 Months × Monthly Rate = Total)
Membership Fee: Add monthly membership fee (Slightly lower than perhaps your normal monthly plan to add value for more commitment).
Recurring Payment Frequency: Set to Monthly.
Pro-rate First Payment Period: Toggle to YES to pro-rate first payment to batch all recurring payments to the first of each month (charge the first payment at time of registration or on start date - either works).

Delay Payment Schedule (Important): Choose YES to Delay recurring payment start date. Select 3 months. 


Be sure to save. Then test purchase process through option URL link to verify all looks good.