Participants - Overview

Browse through all your Participant Profiles, send out communications, and view their registrations, payments, notes, and custom fields

Welcome to All Customers > Participants!


From here you can:

  • View all of your participants' profiles

  • Send emails, push messages, or SMS texts to one, multiple, or all participants

  • Add Participant Custom Fields

  • Add a Participant photo/image

  • And see your participants' full registration history, payments, notes, and custom fields.

To get started, visit the All Customers section and click on Participants > All



Participants > All

See your participants' names (#1), Total Payments made for them (#2), the Primary Customer this participant is associated with (#3), and how long they have been a participant with you (#4).



If you have added Participant Custom Fields, these will appear to the right with any answers you have saved for your participants:



Use the search bar to look up a specific participant, and select one, all, or multiple participants to Email, Send a Push Message/SMS Text to, or Export to a CSV file.


PLEASE NOTE: Participants > All will show you an overview of all participants as a unique profile including all their registrations.


Click on a Participant's name to navigate to their unique Participant Profile:




Participants > Trial, Program, and Events

Use the side menu to navigate between your Trials, Programs, and Events.


Each of these sections will show you all the registrations and participants for those types of registrations.


PLEASE NOTE: If a participant has been registered for more than one item in a particular section, they will appear more than once. These sections show all unique registrations, not each unique participant.