Payment Methods - Credit Card

Manage memberships that want to pay via credit card.



Our system offers four main payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, and ACH (taken directly from a bank account). Credit cards are automatically selected as payment methods in MyStudio and allow more flexibility in how your customers can pay for your services.

Permissions and Accessibility

Staff Access:

Only customers can add or update their ACH info.

  • Admin
    • Full access
  • Manager
    • Does not have access to change payment options for registrations
    • Has access to change a member’s payment method for an existing registration
  • Staff
    • None

MyStudio Plan Restrictions:

Our system has different admin fees for different MyStudio Plans based on payment method.

Starter Growth Scale

Domestic CC: 3.15% + $0.55

Domestic CC: 2.9% + $0.30

Domestic CC: 2.75% + $0.30

International CC: 4.65% + $0.55

International CC: 4.4% + $0.30

International CC: 4.25% + $0.30



Paying with Card

Credit card payment method is the only requirement in our system. They are pre-checked as a payment option in Operations > Point of Sale > Settings.


Credit cards can be used at all places of registration. During registration, new customers will have to fill out their card details.


If a customer already has a card attached to their profile, this card can be chosen during registration or the customer can enter a new credit card.


Credit cards have a processing fee associated with them based on the MyStudio plan users have. This additional cost will display during registrations as “administrative fees” if users have selected to pass on the processing fee to their customers.


Credit cards cannot be used to apply a payment credit towards an upcoming payment in a registration profile.


However, a different card number can be applied towards a past due payment in Payments > Past Due > Click on the customer name to be redirected to the registration page > click the Past Due drop down > click the payment that is receiving the payment credit > Apply Credit.


Enter the amount of the payment and choose “Credit Card” from the drop down.


Users will then be prompted to enter new card information. This will auto-populate the primary customer’s name and email to connect to the credit card. 


Adding a Credit Card

Customers can also add their credit card into the member app to make future purchases easier and faster. Customers will need to go to the three lines (at the top right for desktop; bottom right for mobile) > My Account > Primary Payment Method > click “Add Card Payment.”


Once details are added, the customer can then use this card to make future purchases in the app. Cards added this way will also immediately show as the primary card within the primary customer account > Info.


If the customer has not accessed the app or has not entered primary card details, a credit card can also be added in the primary customer account > info > add new card.


Updating a Credit Card

A customer’s credit card can be updated several ways.

Primary account:

In All Customers > Primary Customers > Click on the customer name > Info, a credit card that was only used during registrations instead of manually entered from the member app profile or primary customer profile, will be listed as “Other.” These cards cannot be edited, but users can enter new card info by clicking “Add New Card” and delete the old card by clicking the trash can next to the listing.

NOTE: Any registrations that are attached to a credit card that is deleted from the profile will still be attached to that card. Info on how to update payment methods for registrations is further below.


Credit cards that were manually entered via the member app profile or primary customer profile will be listed as “Primary.” These cards can be edited by clicking the pencil next to the listing.


Registration Pages

Any registrations that are attached to a credit card that is later updated will still be attached to the card with the old info. If the new card needs to be attached to the registration, users will need to go to All Customers > the membership or event registration page > click the pencil next to the payment method. Then choose the correct card that needs to be attached or add a new card. 


Alternatively, users can also click “Send link for user update payment method” underneath the payment method. This will send a link to the member to update the payment method.


NOTE: If users add a new card from this section or send the email link, the system will pre-populate the primary account name and email to the card info, which cannot be edited.


Member App

Customers can update the existing primary card on file from within the member app by going to the three bars > My Account > Primary Payment Method > Click “Payment Options” under the listed credit card > “Update card.”


They will then need to fill out their new card details. Any registrations that are attached to a credit card that is later updated will still be attached to the card with the old info. Members will need to click “Payment Options” again > click “Apply to current billing schedules” > and select which registrations to apply the new card to.


If a customer has a failed credit card or ACH payment, they will be prompted to update their card details as soon as they login to the member app.


Other Affected Sections

  • Point of Sale
  • Program Registrations
  • Primary Customer Accounts
  • Past Due Payments
  • Payment History
  • Member App