View any payments that have not fully processed yet.





Sometimes ACH and SCA payments take some time to fully process. You can see these pending payments in the pending section, allowing you to account for those payments or take actions toward them.



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What are Pending Payments?

A payment can go into a pending status for various reasons including ACH payments that take a few days for the bank to clear, SCA payments waiting for approval, etc. These payments indicate the studio has run the transaction or payment, but the payment has not fully processed yet. These are not the same as the upcoming payments that have “pending” as a status, as upcoming payments have not been initiated yet.


Statistics and Data


In the pending section, you can see a full list of payments that have not fully been processed yet. You can check the box next to any or all pending payments and manually cancel the payment before it processes by clicking “Cancel Payment(s).”


The table displays various information about each pending transaction. Some columns worth noting are:

  • Payment Processing Date: shows the date the transaction was initiated.
  • Payment Release Date: shows the date the transaction was first released. Payments may fully process but then revert to pending status due to …
  • Due Date: shows when the payment was due based on a payment plan setup.
  • Status:
    • SCA pending: system is waiting for the customer to verify SCA
    • Pending release: usually in reference to ACH where the system is waiting for the bank to approve the payment
  • Buyer: Clicking on the buyer name will redirect you to the payment history within the specific registration internal page.
  • Mobile Phone Number: if a customer has unsubscribed from SMS and the phone number is listed as such, you can click on this phone number to send a request for the customer to re-subscribe to SMS.

  • Email: clicking on the email will allow you to send an email to the specified customer. If the email is unsubscribed, you can click the email to send a request for the customer to re-subscribe to email. If the email has bounced, you can click the email to unblock the email.

  • Gross: shows the full payment amount. Gross total = Product Fee + tax + admin and processing fees.
  • Net: shows the net amount. Net total = gross total - admin and processing fees.
  • Payment Type: 
    • Scheduled Billing: billing that occurs after a registration occurs. Example: a customer registers for a membership that has monthly payments. This includes if the first payment is taken at a future membership start date. This is generally the type of payment seen for upcoming.



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