Programs - Automated Migration Emails

Set Up, Edit, and Send Automated Migration Emails to Migrated Members

When Migrating Members into MyStudio, MyStudio will send automatic, customizable email reminders to your members to update their payment method.


Automated Migration Email During Membership Migration


During the Member Migration process you will be prompted to set up an Automated Migration Email to send to your imported members.

This Automated Migration Email will send immediately upon import as well as 6 days before the scheduled draft date.


Click "Yes & Edit Email" to start this process.

The entire email is customized to your business:


NOTE: You can EDIT and STOP the sending of the automation emails at any point during the migration process. Additionally, you can also START sending the automation email at any point as well.

Automated Migration Email After Membership Migration


After you have imported a list of Members to migrate, you will see several Automated Migration Email options in the Pending Migration tab.


From here , you can edit the automation email or pause/start the automated migration email process.


If the Auto Migration Email option is turned to "Sending". Your users will receive automatic emails from you immediately upon import and 6 days before the scheduled draft date.


You can also resend the Automated Migration Email at any time by selecting the students you wish to send it to and using the "Send Migration Email" button.