Programs - Placing Members On Hold

Learn how to place your members on hold.

To place a member on hold, go to your All Customers section > Participants > Program > and click on the student's name you wish to pause:


Click the pencil icon next to Status:



Then update the status to "On Hold":


You can either pause all payments immediately or you can schedule a payment pause date.


NOTE: Your member will not be charged on the pause date that you have selected. Members will be charged on the resume date that you have selected once made Active. Please keep this in mind as you set your On Holds.


And select a specific resume date or leave them on an indefinite hold:

Once you're ready, click Pause Membership to update your student's status.


PLEASE NOTE: Any scheduled payments during a hold period will NOT be processed.


If you set a resume date, the new payment date will appear under "Next Payment Date" in their Program Registration page: