Setting Up a Family Plan

Consolidate billing for families with multiple memberships

In this article for Setting Up a Family Plan, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Family Plan Membership Option.

  • Setup Family Plan Membership prices.

  • Create discount codes.

  • Get members to register to the plan on their end.

  • Register members manually on your end.

This is useful if you have multiple members from the same family that you would like to consolidate their billing into one charge.



NOTE: Memberships can be set up using the same email address BUT each family member still needs be individually entered into MyStudio with their own active membership.


Step 1: Create a Family Plan Membership


Create a new membership that is exactly the same as the membership the family wants to register for.


You can copy this membership by going to Services and Products > Memberships and editing the Membership that you wish to copy:



Then, go to Membership Options and click "Duplicate Category":



Next, edit the Membership Fee of the membership option to reflect the number of family members enrolling (i.e. for two family members, double the membership fee or for three family members, triple the membership fee):



Then, hide the membership so that it does not appear on the app.


You can hide a membership by clicking on the box that says "Make Private":


NOTE: You cannot hide an entire Membership Category, only the Options within the categories.



Step 2: Register One Family Member To The Family Membership


NOTE: If you hide the membership option, your customers will need the membership Program URL for that specific option (since the membership is not visible in the app) in order to register:



If this member is already registered, then you can transfer them to the new Family Plan membership within their Program Registration:




Step 3: Register Remaining Family Member(s) With 100% Discount


Create a discount code on your regular membership that fully discounts the price of the membership (since they are already paying for this membership). You can input the full dollar amount or set it as a full percentage (100%):



Provide this discount code to your member so they can register the remaining family member(s).


If this family member(s) is already registered, edit their Payment Fee to $0. Editing this fee will update all future payments:




Alternatively, Register These Memberships Manually


To add a member manually, go to All Customers > Program > Add/Import New Members. Select the Membership Category and the Membership Option, then "Next".


NOTE: Just remember to select the Hidden Family Membership for 1 member and the regular membership for the remaining member(s).



After clicking "Next", you will be taken to the registration page. Fill out all the fields on this page and input the manual discount for the additional family member(s) of the full amount: