Start and End Date Membership Setup

with auto pro-rating billing and custom start and end dates

This Start and End Date structure Membership Option will allow you to:

  • Navigate the Start and End Date payment structure.

  • Set a duration of a start date and end date.

  • Create Membership Option discount codes.

This option is wonderful for studios that would like to have a Membership Option that has a durational start and end date for members to be registered through.



Membership Details and Waiver Agreement


Make sure you have filled out your Details section for your Membership. The Waver and Agreement of the Membership provides legal language for customers to sign and agree to your membership's terms, auto-renewal policies if applicable, and cancellation procedures (consult your legal representative for help with your agreement):


NOTE: When users register for any membership, a copy of the agreement that they sign and accept will be attached with their registration confirmation.



Start and End Date Membership Option Details


On Membership Options, you will be able to add a new membership payment option. Click "Add Membership Options" and begin setting up your Membership Option Details with the down payment and payment starting information:




Start and End Date Membership Option Payment Setup


Structure: Select Has specific start and end date. Then, put in the program's start date and end date.
(NOTE: If program has already started, simply choose today's date as our system will auto-calculate the payments from the customer's selected membership start date, until the last date of your program.)
Sign-up Fee: Add if applicable
Membership Fee: Add billing amount and frequency
Days of the week that the program/class is offered: This will allow our system to properly pro-rate for days that you do not offer this program, such as Holidays that you choose to not offer the program.
Billing Option: Select if you want members to be able to pay with the Weekly Payment Plan, Monthly Payment Plan, or Pay In Full.
Charge First Payment: select registration date or membership start date

Use Attendance Limits?: Toggle to YES if you want to limit members' attendance to a specific amount per week/month.
Program in Days to Exclude From Billing: This option allows you to select days or periods that you do not offer the program and wish to not charge the customer, such as Holidays.



Add Membership Option Discount


In Discount Codes, create discount codes for the membership fee of your Membership Option for your members to use upon registration: