Stripe Card Reader

Learn how to order, connect, and manage the card reader to make processing payments easier and faster.




Our Stripe users are able to order and utilize Stripe card readers for payment processing, simplifying the check-out process in the point of sale.



Permissions and Accessibility

Staff Access:

  • Admin
    • Full Access
  • Manager
    • Full Access
  • Staff
    • No Access

MyStudio Plan Restrictions:

  • Available only for Stripe accounts for US, Canada, and Australia




Ordering a Card Reader

To order a card reader, go to Operations > Point of Sale > Card Reader and click “Place an order.” All card reader orders are fulfilled by Stripe who will send order confirmations and tracking updates to you directly.

You will then need to fill out the following information in the order form:

  • Quantity: the amount of readers you want to purchase
  • Buyer details
    • Company: Name of company
    • Recipient’s name: First and Last name. This cannot exceed 35 characters
    • Email: Email that will receive order updates
    • Phone number: Select whether the phone number is US, Canada, or Australia base and enter phone
    • Address: This will be the address the card reader ships to. Address line 2 is optional
    • Shipping method: Select how quickly you would like to receive the card reader
  • Payment Method: Select credit card on file or enter a new one



Once the form is filled out, select "place an order," or you can go back to the order screen.

Card readers can be returned 30 days from the date of purchase. You will need to reach out to MyStudio’s customer success team to begin this process. Stripe will initiate a refund after receiving the hardware.


Connecting a Card Reader

Once you receive a card reader, you can connect it from Operations > Point of Sale > Dashboard, then click “Connect new reader.” You will then have to fill out two fields:

  • Card reader name: Name the card reader anything so it can be differentiated at the POS
  • Activation code: Enter the activation code from the card reader. To generate a code, swipe the terminal from left to right > settings > enter admin pin: 07139 > generate pairing code.



Managing the Card Reader

After connecting, you will see each card reader listed on the POS dashboard. You can order a new card reader, connect a new reader, edit an existing reader’s name, and delete a listed reader.



In the staff and public point of sale, you will be able to select the card reader from the payment method drop down, and the member will simply tap or insert their card to process the payment. The card reader can also scan Apple and Google Pay.




Other Affected Sections

  • Point of Sale




  • Can I take a card reader with me to events outside of my studio?
    • We recommend leaving the card reader in the studio because the reader connects directly with your WiFi network to pair with kiosks and other devices attempting purchase through a POS