Twilio Integration: Transferring Prior MyStudio Number into New Twilio Account

Learn how to continue using the SMS number already connected to your MyStudio account if you want to utilize the Twilio integration.






Our Communication Enhancement Add-on allows you to integrate a Twilio account for SMS functionality and will allow you to send emojis and images in SMS and in-app messaging. Integrating Twilio into your MyStudio account allows you to take control of your SMS plan, including how many bulk texts you’re allowed to send per month.


Permissions and Accessibility


Staff Access:

  • Admin
    • Full Access
  • Manager
    • No Access
  • Staff
    • No Access

MyStudio Plan Restrictions:

  • Users need to have enrolled into an SMS Plan with Twilio and a MyStudio Communication Enhancement Add-On



If you would like to continue using the MyStudio number you were using before, but you also want to utilize the Twilio integration, you will still need to create a Twilio account and upgrade to an SMS plan. We will also need to transfer your MyStudio number into your Twilio account. In MyStudio, go to Integrations > Twilio, and proceed with the following steps:



Step 1: Create a Twilio Account


Click “Learn More” in step 1 to be redirected to Twilio’s homepage where you can create a new account. Once you create an account, you will be taken to your Twilio homepage.


NOTE: When you are creating the business profile, you will come across the option to select whether you are a Direct or ISV customer. You will select a direct brand customer, as these customers send messages directly to their clients. Please see this article for more details: ISV vs Direct Customer


Example of form fill-out:



Step 2: Upgrade

Click on “upgrade” at the top left and verify your identity. This will allow you to use Twilio to its full potential. 

Step 3: Complete Twilio’s A2P 10DLC


The US requires that businesses sending bulk SMS fill out the A2P 10DLC which serves as a regulation document that prevents phishing SMS. Essentially, this document is required to allow you to send bulk SMS. In your Twilio account, you will go to Messaging > Regulatory Compliance > A2P 10DLC Overview.


We HIGHLY recommend taking your time with this process and learning more about this requirement before filling out the documentation so that you can ensure a quick, easy connection. The first article below, in particular, helps you choose which type of brand your business would be and contains a very helpful video. You will be registering as either a Low-volume or Standard Brand if you have an EIN, Tax ID, employees, etc. If you have made a mistake in your brand selection, please see below for how to fix this. After filling out this document, it will take 1-2 business days to be fully verified.

For more information about what the A2P 10DLC is and the specifics of how to set it up in Twilio, check out Twilio’s article here: Programmable Messaging and A2P 10DLC


For a quick comparison between a sole-proprietorship, low-volume, and standard brand, check out Twilio’s article here: Comparison between sole Proprietor, Low Volume Standard, and Standard registration for A2P 10DLC



Step 4: Create Campaign

After completing the A2P 10DLC, you will need to create a messaging campaign. This tells Twilio exactly what kinds of messages you’ll be sending to your members. To complete this, in your Twilio account, go to messaging > regulatory compliance > campaigns > register new campaign. 


Select your A2P brand you created when registering for the A2P 10DLC. For the “available A2P Campaign” use case, you will generally select the “low volume mixed” option. This is especially true if you selected your brand to be Low-Standard. 


For more information about the use case types, check out Twilio’s article here: List of campaign use case types for A2P 10DLC registration. 


Under the “messaging service", select create new messaging service. The “campaign description” describes what you are using the SMS for (IE: customer care communication); you will need to provide at least 2 examples of these messages. Under “message contents,” select that messages will include embed links since you may link to registration pages or the member app. If you plan on sending phone numbers in the messages, also select this box.


“How do end-users consent to receive messages” will consist of a consent message. Provide the following text in this field box, replacing [company] with the name of your business:


“By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from [company]. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.”


For opt-in keywords, enter “Start” and for Opt-in message enter: “To stop receiving messages from this number, reply with UNSUBSCRIBE or STOP.” 


Then click “create.”


For further insight for creating a successful campaign, check out Twilio's article here: A2P 10DLC Campaign Approval Requirements

NOTE: If you experience any issues with approval for your A2P 10DLC or campaigns, you should receive an email from Twilio describing the issue. If you need any clarity on this, please reach out to Twilio directly so they can properly and efficiently assist in explaining and resolving your issue.


One time fees

  • One time fee to Twilio associated with the A2P 10DLC registration, depending on which “brand” you fill out in the document. 
  • One time campaign vetting fee to Twilio per campaign


Monthly fees

  • Monthly fee to MyStudio for the communication enhancement add-on: $10/month
  • Monthly cost to Twilio associated with the brand type you entered as well as each campaign you create, depending on your selection for the campaign use type. 
  • Per message usage to Twilio

Please see below for further clarification on Twilio’s pricing.


For information about pricing and fees associated with the A2P 10DLC, check out Twilio’s article here: What pricing and fees are associated with the A2P 10DLC service?


For information about SMS usage pricing and fees, check out Twilio’s article here: 

NOTE: Twilio also has different support level tiers. While not mandatory to purchase, you can select a higher support level for an additional monthly cost. Please see here for further details: Support Plans


Step 5: How to Fix Brand if Incorrect (Optional)

If your A2P 10DLC or campaign were rejected due to your brand selection, you will need to first delete the brand and campaign in order to resubmit. You will then need to create a new business profile by clicking the Twilio icon at the top left and click create new. You will need to create a new profile and restart the process. 


Step 6: Copy Account SID and Auth Token

In your Twilio account, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Account SID and Auth Token and copy these items.




Step 7: Reach out to MyStudio Customer Success

In your MyStudio account, open our chat support and let our team know you would like to transfer your MyStudio SMS number to your Twilio account. Then provide our team with the Account SID and Auth Token you copied in the previous step. You will also need to tell us the email connected to your Twilio account.



Step 8: Confirm Port in Request

Once you provide us with the Account SID and Authentication Token you copied, you can expect to receive a port in request in your Twilio account within roughly 24 hours. To see these requests in your Twilio account, go to Phone Numbers > Port & Host > Port in Requests to view and confirm the transfer.



Step 9: Connect Twilio to MyStudio

Once you’ve confirmed the port in request, go back to MyStudio and go to Integrations > Twilio and enter the same Account SID and Auth Token you provided us into the integration fields. Then click ‘Connect’.



The system will automatically detect the phone number connected to your Twilio account and will prompt you to choose that number from the dropdown provided. Once selected, a success pop up will show it has been connected successfully.



Once completed, and everything in your Twilio account is set up and fully verified, you will be able to send SMS to your members from your MyStudio account! If you need to edit or disconnect the Twilio number, go to Integrations > Twilio Integration for these options.




1) Do I have to get a Twilio account if I've already been using SMS in MyStudio?

At this time, we do not require you to get and connect a Twilio account to your MyStudio account if you've already been utilizing SMS. Please note though, that you will need to have a connected Twilio account and number in order to utilize emojis and images in SMS (coming soon).


2) Can I connect Twilio to MyStudio before the A2P 10DLC is fully verified?

Yes! Just be aware that you may have trouble sending SMS until this document is fully verified and you’ve created the campaign. So we recommend completing those steps first.


3) I have multiple locations with my business. Does each location have to make their own Twilio account?

No! If you have more than one location associated with your business, you can create just one Twilio account, but you will have to purchase or transfer each phone number associated with each MyStudio account.