Update your Apple Developer Password and App specific Password

Our team may need for you to change your Password in order for us to make updates to your App.

If you see the message shown below in your custom app dashboard, then please follow the directions in this article.



1. Click on the link that is provided: https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage,

2.Login with the original Apple Developer email that was used to create the Apple app.

3. Click on " change Password" under security column.


4. Save the new password in custom app dashboard> apple> developer information>

step 1:


5. Go back to Apple Id page: Click on " generate password" in security column.

Type In MyStudio in the box that populates and click ' create' .


6. Copy the code and click " done" .



7. Make sure you are signed out of all devices ( it would show a picture of a device like an ipad if it were connected) :


8.Paste the App specific password in MyStudio> custom app Dashboard> Apple Developer Information> Step one Box 3 :


9. Click on ' dashboard' on the left side > click on the submit button for Apple.



10. Enter the verification code that will be sent to the user's registered phone number.