Retail - Marketplace

What it looks like for your members

See what it looks like to shop Century Direct products from your store.


These items can be purchased from within your "Shop" via webapp link, URL, or mobile app.



Once a member clicks on the item they can...


  1. Pick their size and color.

  2. Choose the quantity of the product.

  3. See that the product will be shipped via Century Direct

  4. Read a pre-filled description of the product.


Once they add this product to their cart they will once more be able to edit this purchase before they "Proceed to checkout"


They will be able to view the tax and shipping cost.


**NOTE: Shipping will be $7.00 per ORDER. Not per item.

When they click "Proceed to Checkout" they will be taken to the payment page, where they can add their payment method.



If you are taking this purchase through the Staff POS please be sure to check or uncheck the "use as shipping address".


  • Check this box if the billing address matches the shipping address.

  • Uncheck this box if you will need to enter a different shipping address.

When the box is unchecked you will be directed to a shipping address page.




After you click "Place Your Order" You and the buyer will receive an email confirmation!


You can view your purchases in the fulfillment center of Retail



Or in the payments tab