Attendance Automations - Overview

Automatically send emails, in app messages, SMS text messages, and create Tasks to your participants based on their attendance

To edit, add, or remove your Attendance Automations, visit the Automations section of MyStudio and click "Attendance"


Our team has already loaded a couple of campaign templates for you that you can easily customize to suit your needs so just use the toggle switch to turn them on or, if you prefer, click "Create New Campaign" to build your automation from scratch!


Click the Email, Phone, or Task icons to see your stats for each campaign, once you've started using them:




Create an Attendance Campaign


Step 1: Name Your Campaign and set Automation type


The two automation type options are:

  1. Attendance within a specific time period

  2. Total Attendance Count


Step 2: Set the Participant attendance count that you want to base your automation on


Base total attendance on specific trials, programs, drop-in classes/appointments or all of the above and choose a date to start counting attendance.


Step 3: Set the automation start time


This is the time that your automated actions will start, once the entry conditions have been met (i.e. after a student has met the attendance requirement and been added to the automation list - they will be emailed/texted/etc. at 9:00am EST)


Step 4: Set the automated conditions and actions that you want to use


If you selected "Attendance within a specific time period" in Step 1, your Events will look like this:


If you selected "Total Attendance Count" in Step 1, your Events will look like this:


Set the condition for your Event and then click "New action" when you're ready to add the automations:


You can add an automated email, mobile message (in-app or SMS text), or add a Task to your Task Management system:


For emails, select a template (our team has added some new ones to help you!)


You can view/edit this email template as needed, once you've selected it:


Select how many days after the automation start time you would like this email to send:


Once finished, click Save in the bottom right-hand corner to add the action to your event.


Choosing mobile message allows you to select a template (we've also added some here for you!), choose to send as an SMS text message (if you have SMS added into your account) or an in-app message, and choose your automation start time:


Adding a Task allows you to create the task (we've added some templates for you or you can use your own), select a staff account to assign it to, and set an automation start time:


Once you've added an action to your event, you can click "New action" to add another one:


If you add a second action and set the start date at least 1 day after automation start time, you will be able to add additional conditions:


This will allow you to add additional conditions based on previous actions in your automation!


For example, if you already sent an email, you can choose to only send an SMS message if the student did not open their email at all:


The more prior actions you have (that take place before this new action) the more additional conditions you will be able to add.


PLEASE NOTE: You can only add additional conditions for previously sent Email actions -- previous SMS/In-App messages and Tasks will NOT allow you to use them for additional conditions on future actions.


Once you have added your new actions, you will see all of them listed under your Event, along with the day the action is set to take place and the number of conditions used:


Click the green action text to edit or delete the action.


Click "New event condition" at any point to add another separate event.


Once you have everything set up the way you want, click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner and get srated sending your attendance automation!