Business Manager App - Communications

Communicate with your members via the business manager app with in-app messaging and SMS texts

Communicate quickly and easily with your members on the Business Manager App by sending in-app and SMS text messages through the communications section!



View your current SMS usage for this month and your unique number for sending SMS text messages.




Click on Conversations to open up your message history.


Go through your inbox, sent, and unread messages.


Search for specific conversations you had with a specific member or start a new conversation by clicking the pencil and paper button.


When composing a message, choose who to send it to and select if it should be sent as in-app message or SMS text.


Click on a specific member to view your message history.


Respond to messages and choose to send as an in-app message or SMS text.



Message All Customers


Select Message All Customers to send out a group push message or SMS text to all of your customers.


Choose to send as an in-app message or SMS text and select whether to also send your message as an email.


Compose your message and either Send now or Schedule a time.


You can also check your previously sent group messages!