Class Scheduler Settings

Update your class scheduler settings to set client scheduling limits and update the tax rate and fee options for drop-in pricing

Use your Class Schedule Settings to set Client Scheduling Limits and update your Tax and Processing Fees option for Drop-in Pricing.


To get started, go to Services and Products > Classes & Appointments > Settings:


From here navigate between your Class Scheduling Limits and Tax and Processing Fees.



Class Scheduling Limits


Set "Permit customers to cancel and reschedule" to "YES" to allow your students to cancel and reschedule their classes using their confirmation email...


Or their app:



If needed, input the amount of time before the classes scheduled start time that students can still cancel/reschedule their classes.


In the example above, if a class is set to start at 5:00 PM, students can only cancel/reschedule until 3:00 PM that same day.


If cancellations are enabled, when a student cancels a class with drop-in pricing, they will receive a pop-up and they will be refunded their class fee -- Learn more about drop-in pricing here!


They can also reschedule a class with drop-in pricing. The old fee will be refunded and any new fee (for the class they switch to) will be charged separately.


PLEASE NOTE: If Cancellations/Rescheduling is turned off, you can still manually cancel a students class and issue refunds as needed


You can also manually reschedule a students class and issue refunds as needed:



Set "Would you like to use restrictions for when clients can schedule?" to "Yes" to add specific times when students can register for classes.


In the example above, for the 5:00 PM class, students cannot register after 3:00 PM the day-of and they cannot sign up for a class that's more than 2 weeks away!


Tax and Processing Fees


Use this section to add a tax rate to your drop-in pricing and choose whether or not to absorb fees or pass them onto your members.