Mass Rank Updater

Easily update a member’s rank after a belt testing event with our mass rank updater.


Table of contents


Permissions and accessibility

Staff access:

  • Admin
    • Full access
  • Manager
    • Full access
  • Staff
    • No access

MyStudio plan restrictions:

  • Ranked events are not available for our starter plan.


Event setup

In order to utilize our rank updater, you need to ensure your event is set up as a ranked event. Go to services and products > events > edit or create an event > ensure that “is this a rank promotion event” is set to “yes.”


If this was not set to “yes” before registrations occurred, changing the setting will still include those registrations with the updater.


Rank updater


Go to all customers > event participants and filter the table by the specific event. Then you MUST filter the participants list by either “all event dates” or specify an event date. If you do not filter this group and it is set to “all participants,” then you will not see the rank updater option.


Once you have applied both filters, select all or specific participants and click “rank updater” above the table.


Before updating ranks from this page, you need to verify a couple items:

  • Membership: ensure that the correct membership is listed for the rank update. Generally, the system will automatically connect the event registration to the existing membership registration. However, if the participant is not registered for a active membership or if they are registered to multiple, the membership may show as “N/A” instead. 
    • To fix multiple registrations error: check the box next to the participant and click “transfer” above the table. When prompted to select the new participant, select the same participant with the correct program listed in parenthesis next to their name.


  • To fix no active membership error: register the participant to a membership with a start date of today. Then go back to the rank updater list, check the box next to the participant name, and click “transfer” above the table. When prompted to select the new participant, select the same participant with the program listed in parenthesis next to their name.


  • Next rank: ensure the listed next rank is correct. You can correct the level by clicking on the rank in the table and selecting the correct ranking. If the participant did not attend the belt testing or if they did not pass, you can indicate that here as well. This will prevent any change from occurring to that participant’s rank. If the membership listed is N/A, the next rank will also be listed as N/A and no change will occur for that participant.


Once you’ve confirmed the participant, membership, and next rank, check all or specific participants and click “update rank” again above the table.


The system will indicate how many participants will not move to the next rank based on any “N/A,” “did not pass,” and “did not attend” next rank statuses. Once confirmed, the update will occur and a date will be listed under “updated date.”


Note: an updated date will also be listed for “did not pass” and “did not attend” statuses. However, the rank itself will remain the same. This date is to indicate that the student had registered for the ranked event and that event was already processed for passed levels.



  • The event registration was attached to the wrong participant. How do I fix this?

In the rank updater, check the box next to the participant’s name and click “transfer” above the table. You are able to select any other participants under the same buyer or add a new participant if they aren’t listed.

  • I accidentally updated someone’s rank when I shouldn’t have.

You can always downgrade a rank by going to all customers > program participants > and clicking on the rank next to the participant in the table. Then just select the previous rank.