Events - Mass Rank/Level Update Automation

Automate registration and management for rank/level events

  1. Create an event or click "edit" on an existing event. Then click on "Details":

2. Scroll down to the "This is a Rank Promotion Event" and change or select "Yes" to activate the Mass Rank Update Automation functionality.

When "Yes" is selected here, our system will enable the "Rank Updater" functionality for every participant who is registered for this event.


3. Navigate back to the Events main screen and click on "Manage" for the rank/level event.


4. Click "Rank Updater" to launch the automation. If this option is not available, check to make sure step #2 is done correctly.

5. Our system will match each participant to a member profile based on name and buyer email.


6. Easily match or re-match each participant to a correct member profile.


7. Our system will automatically set the Next Rank value to the next available rank in your membership category. However, you can easily change that rank to something else, or designate user as no show, or did-not-pass status.


8. Click update rank to batch update participant's ranks.


9. Rank update system will work only once for each participant. If an error is made, you can easily change the rank to the right rank by going to the membership's profile. 


10. If additional members register after you have batch update a list of participants, you'll still be able to use the Update Rank functionality for all the newly registered participants.