Events - Transfer Registration

Sometimes members will register the wrong participants to an event and you will need to transfer the event registration to the correct participant. When transferring event registrations in All Customers > Events, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Transfer event registration to a different participant within the same primary customer.

  • Transfer event to a new participant.

  • Transfer event registrations through the rank updater.

To get started, you can easily access your event participants for transfer by going to All Customers > Events:


NOTE: Event registration transfers can be done from the main event participant page or a specific event filter.



Transfer Event Registration to Another Participant


Check the box next to the participant and click Transfer. You will be able to select an existing participant under the same primary customer in order to transfer the event registration to the correct participant:


NOTE: The transfer button will only appear by selecting one participant. Registration transfers can only be done one at a time.



Transfer Event to a New Participant


You can also transfer the event registration to a new participant. To do this, select "Add new participant" in the select participant field and fill out the new participant details:


NOTE: Adding an event registration to a new participant will create a new participant under the same Primary Customer.



Transfer Event Registrations Through The Rank Updater


Sometimes the system will incorrectly match a participant in the Rank Updater which will also require a transfer. This can be done within the Rank Updater of an event:



If the participant for this event is listed under the wrong primary account, you will need to transfer the participant to another buyer. Learn more about how to transfer a participant to another buyer here.


You can learn more about how to manage your event participants here.