How To: Add a Retail Products

  1. Click "Add Product" from the "Products" tab

2. Click "Add Product"


3. Click "Custom" to add your own custom product, or choose from one of our pre-made templates.


4. Give a short and simple title (#1). Upload an image (#2). Provide description of product (#3). Put in tax rate (#4). Choose if product has variants (#5). Choose to assign a product to category or on its own (#6).


5. If you choose "Yes" to product variants, you'll be able to add the different product options at Step 2.


Give a simple and short Variant name, such as "White color. Adult small" (#1). Edit inventory amount (#2), items purchased are subtracted from this amount. Put in price (#3). Put in compared to price (#4). This is optional.


6. Click Publish from Step 1 (Details) and you are ready to sell.