Retail - Marketplace

Set up Century Direct Account

Learn how to set up your Century direct account to Marketplace.

To get to your Marketplace (Century Direct) go to Services and Products > Retail and then click Marketplace.


After you click on "Marketplace", click "Next" until you see "Century Direct". Click "Century Direct" to start.

When you click on the "Century Direct" button for the first time you will see an agreement. Please thoroughly read the agreement and then click "I agree".


Note: If you have already clicked agree and would like to re-read the agreement CLICK HERE!


Once you click "I agree" you will need to verify if you have a century wholesale account. "Do you have a century wholesale account?"


NOTE: If an error message pops up for you "Century Direct account can not be created because your studio profile is incomplete.....cont." Please click here.


If you do, click "Yes". After you click "yes", you will need to enter your century wholesale number, or you can "create a new account" (Creating a new account works the same way as clicking "No" in the previous menu). Once you enter your number it will automatically link your account to our Marketplace.


If you do not have a Century Wholesale Account you can click "No" and it will automatically create an account and link your Century Wholesale account to our Marketplace. Then you are ready to go!


To see how to add Century Direct items to your store CLICK HERE!