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How-To: Leads and Trial Influx

January brings lots of new leads and trials into studios - learn how to communicate and capture all your new potential students!

January is a pretty powerful month - after all, “New Year - New You!” right?


With our new calendars also comes new goal setting and new years resolutions, which has a tendency to bring in more new leads and trials to fitness studios than any other month of the year.


So what can you do with this massive influx of new interested customers and trial students?


Well MyStudio has several tools that you can use to take advantage of the increased numbers and make sure you convert as many into permanent students as possible!



Lead Capture


A big early step in taking care of your leads and converting them is contacting them again after your initial interaction -- MyStudio makes it easy for you to capture lead information for further updates and communications!


For walk-ins at your studio, use the MyStudio Point of Sale system on a tablet or computer so your potential customers can input their contact information:


You can also manually add individual leads or import a whole list to follow up with after events etc.



You can also add a custom pop-up to your MyStudio website to help grab the contact information of potential customers visiting your webpage.


The customizable pop-up is available on the MyStudio Website builder under Sales Channels > Business Website > Lead Capture Form:







Once you have the contact information for your leads, it's important to follow up with them regularly about your programs, deals, sales, classes, etc. but it can be pretty difficult to keep track of who you've already emailed, what you've said, etc.


MyStudio automations allow you to set up emails that automatically send out to your leads on a customized schedule so you don't have to worry about missing a potential new customer.


Automatically send your leads links to register for your classes, trials, or memberships and make it easy for them to register right away from anywhere!


Even further down the line, once a lead has registered for a trial, you can set up additional automations based on their attendance or trial status to keep up with communications and move them up to a full time member with you!


Check out our articles on Custom Campaigns for both Leads and Trials here!


Once they’ve become a trial with you, this is also a great opportunity to set up tasks in your Task Manager system.




Use this to set reminders for your team about following up via the phone or during your student’s next class. Your staff can mark these tasks as completed and add additional check-mark items or notes for themselves!


Want additional communicaitons? Use the MyStudio All Customers section to send SMS texts, in-app messages, and emails to your leads and trials at any time!





Regular communication with your leads and trials is an incredibly important aspect of converting these potential customers into actual customers but the biggest and most important factor of all is having an awesome program.


We know what you have to offer is incredible and life changing and we can’t wait to help you expand your influence and strength to more and more students in 2022 – you got this!!