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How-To: Providing Camp on Student Holidays

Increase the added value of your After School Care program by hosting full-day camps on Student Holidays and Teacher Workdays.

Do you have an After School program as one of your offerings? The best way to make sure your After School members stay with you for years and years is to ensure that you have the highest added value possible for your program.


One easy way to do that? Offer fun, full-day camps on Teacher Workdays and Student Holidays and make it FREE for your After School members.


Just create a discount code exclusive for those members on your event and include this as an added bonus when promoting your program - it's that easy! Parents will come to rely on you more and more as a safe and fun place for their family to keep coming back to.



Creating the Event


To get started, set up your event in MyStudio. Visit Services and Products > Events > and click “Add Event” in the upper right-hand corner.


This is where you'll build out the event. There are typically multiple student holidays throughout the year, so make sure you select an event category with multiple event dates


Get everything set up the way you like it and publish your event.


To make this event free for your After School members (or any other student/lead you want to give a promotional discount to) you'll need to go to the "Payment" setup for your event.



Send Out Your Link and Discount Code


For event registration, you'll want to copy the link for your event and send it over to your students via SMS text or in-app message to make sure they have easy access to it.


Check the “also send email” box to send out an additional email and cover all your bases.


For this particular event, since we have the discount code, you'll want to narrow your All Customers > Participants > Programs search down so it ONLY shows you your After School program students.


From here, select all of these students and send them a separate message that includes not only the link for the event but also their special discount code. This way they can register with the link for the event (if they need the care that day) and they’ll get to attend for free.




Add Value to Your After School Program


When marketing and selling your After School program make sure you include that they get to attend all Teacher Workdays and Student Holidays 100% free.


Parents will LOVE this as it’s just one less thing they need to stress about in the coming year and it helps show them that you are reliable and essential for their family.


After School programs are a great source of income as they are a higher average cost per customer (compared with just a few lessons per week) and have a higher staying power (most students will stay through at least the school year if not through multiple years of elementary school if your program is successful).


The more perceived value you can give them the more likely parents are to choose your program over something else and keep coming back for more!