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How-To: Running an Awesome Spring Break Camp

Some advice on event set up, event promotion, and prepping for Spring Break camp to help you run the smoothest and most awesome camp ever!

Believe it or not, March is here, Winter is on the way out, and Spring Break is right around the corner!


We hope you’re all getting ready for some hardcore spring cleaning and awesome warmer weather but just in case you need a little extra help - we’re here to help walk you through having the most awesome Spring Break camp ever.


Let’s do this!



Step One: Event Set-Up

You’ve likely already done this, if you are hosting a camp, but, just in case, make sure your Spring Break Camp is all set up and ready to accept registrations.


Once you have your event set up just the way you want it, get it published (if you haven’t already) and copy the URL so you can send that out to your students.




Step Two: Promoting Your Event

Using the link you copied, send your students an SMS text or in-app message to make sure they have easy access to it – we recommend you check the “also send email” box in MyStudio to send out an additional email and cover all your bases.



Make announcements to your in-person students and get some flyers together to remind them to sign up.


You can also promote the event via your social media platforms and your website to ensure that potential customers outside of your studio can also register.


Set up a promotional header and/or banner on your MyStudio hosted website that links directly to your sale and adds additional traffic.


Learn more about your website banner and header here or check out all our articles on how to build your MyStudio website here!



Step Three: Prepping For Your Event

There’s plenty of work that goes into hosting a Spring Break camp at your school so make sure you have:

  • A full plan for daily schedules and activities (including games, arts and crafts, class times, etc.)

  • Enough staff for the event - and make sure your staff knows exactly where they need to be and where!

  • Call and confirm with any paid field trip activities you have set up and double check weather for your days with planned outdoor activities

  • Order necessary supplies for daily activities (such as snacks, any materials needed for arts and crafts, plenty of activities for students to do in any off time like legos, coloring pages, etc. and more)

  • etc.!

This list of tasks can get pretty overwhelming so consider getting everything together in a task manager so you can keep track of everything, assign certain tasks to staff as needed, and check off once the necessary details are completed.





Step Four: Running the Camp

Of course, the end goal here is to get to your Spring Break camp and run it as smoothly and awesome-ly as possible.


Prep as much as you can beforehand to alleviate stress during the week itself and that will allow you to better focus on running the most fun and safe camp possible.


At the end of the day, this is the most important step and will ensure that your students return for future camps and programs and entice new campers to try out more of your programs!


Keep up good communication with parents throughout the week and set up automated email campaigns to reach out to new campers after the week is over.



You got this!