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How-To: Summer Camp Pre-Sale

Learn how to set up a Summer Camp event, build out billing options for your pre-sale, and promote it across various platforms!

Even though we’re fully into winter, it’s time to start dreaming of warmer weather and looking forward to Summer Camps.


We know it feels a little early but starting your Summer Camp sales now is a really great opportunity to host sales and specials on camp, giving you lots of time for marketing and promotions as well.


Additionally, you can spread out your revenue for camps across several months!


Families will appreciate the advanced planning (since they’ll be thinking about booking vacations around this time as well) and registering for camp early will bring them some peace of mind.



Step One: Event Set-Up


The first step is to make sure you have your Summer Camp set up and ready to go - you can set this up as a special membership with a specific start and end date but we recommend setting it up as an event instead.


To build this, go to Services and Products > Events and click the "Add Event" button in the upper right-hand corner:


MyStudio even offers a Summer Camp template for you, for even faster event creation!


Just click "Choose Template" when adding a new event and select the Summer Camp option:



You can also do this all manually and set up a Summer Camp event category and easily add individual weeks, days, or sessions within that category. This gives families the ability to add sessions to their cart as needed and allows you to easily see how many students have signed up for each section of camp!


MyStudio’s payment plans and billing options also provide lots of flexibility and customization for charging your customers – you can do a down payment to reserve their Summer Camp weeks but hold off on billing until the actual week of camp or set up monthly/weekly payments closer to Summer:


When your customers are checking-out, they'll be able to select the payment plan option that you've made available to them:


Step Two: Promoting Your Event


Promoting your sale is important too (otherwise, how will your students know it's available!!)


SMS Text Messages and Email Promotion


Copy the link for your event and send it over to your students via SMS text or in-app message to make sure they have easy access to it.


Check the “also send email” box in MyStudio to send out an additional email and cover all your bases.




In Person and Social Media Promotion


Make sure you also make announcements to your students in person and get some flyers together so your students know that the sale is happening.


You can also promote the event via your social media platforms to make sure that everyone is able to see it!



Website Promotion


Your website is a great opportunity to market to brand new leads and potential customers that might not visit your school, see the link, or check out your social media otherwise.


Set up a promotional header and/or banner on your MyStudio hosted website that links directly to your sale and adds additional traffic!


To do this, visit Sales Channels > Business Website and click Banner and Header to turn on and edit your message:



Use the link option to search for your Summer Camp and add a link directly to the event.


Now, when anyone visits your website they’ll see your announcement right at the top and clicking it will redirect them to the event where they can register!


Learn more about your website banner and header here or check out all our articles on how to build your MyStudio website here!


Want to learn more about how to host an awesome Summer Camp? Please contact InCourage Systems!