Apple App Store Information

Learn how to set up your Apple App store information with this instructional video.

Now that you've finished adding your App Name and Icon, it's time to update your App Store Information page.


PLEASE NOTE: That you do need to fill in all the required boxes for this step!




Apple ID

This is DIFFERENT from your Apple login email/ID from the previous step. This is a dedicated ID number that is randomly generated for you by Apple.


To view and copy this number, log into your account > click General: App Information. You'll see it listed there:


Once you have this number copied, paste it into your MyStudio account under Custom App Set Up > App Store Information > Apple ID:



Localizable Information

Privacy Policy URL


This one is easy - just copy and paste our Privacy Policy URL ( here!




The subtitle is the summary of your app that appears below your app name throughout the App Store in iOS 11 or later and the Mac App Store in macOS Mojave or later.


This is optional so if you do not have an app subtitle, you may skip this step!



General Information


Bundle ID


Remember your Bundle ID from the previous steps? This might be already input for you, but if it's missing, just copy/paste your bundle ID here!




This is a general description of your app. You can use our general description here or substitute your own if you prefer:


Receive important notifications, view curriculum videos, view class schedules, sign up for special events and memberships, refer friends, and get all pertinent information about our school right on your mobile device!


Promotional Text


Promotional text lets you inform your App Store visitors of any current app features without requiring an updated submission. This text will appear above your description on the App Store for customers with devices running iOS 11 or later, and macOS 10.13 or later.


Support URL


Your website or other support URL for your app. This URL will be visible on the app store!


Marketing URL


Your website or other marketing URL with information about your app. This URL will also be visible on the app store!




Include one or more keywords that describe your app. Keywords make App Store search results more accurate!



Trade Representative Contact Information

You can provide additional information that will be displayed with your app on the Korean App Store. This information will only appear on the Korean App Store.



App Review Information

Please include your First and Last name as well as your email and phone number.


Demo Login Credentials


This is the login email/username and password that Apple will use to access your app and make sure everything looks okay.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to actually create this email and password by logging into your app, you cannot just input general information here!


To create a demo login, please open the MyStudio app on your phone or click your Web App URL link to access the app online.


Then select, I'm a new user:


PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the MyStudio app on your phone, you will need to enter in the Studio Code. If you are using your specific Web App link, you can skip this step!


Select Create User Account:


Here you will need to input the login email and password that you wish to use, then click Next:

You should now be able to see this demo account in your All Customers section under App Users:


Once this account has been created, please input the username (this should be the email address you used) and the password:


Don't forget to hit Save!




Either select that you will upload Screenshots directly o the app store, or download our screenshots HERE and upload them directly.



What's Next?