LEADS - Custom Campaigns

Learn how to set up your Custom Campaigns for Leads

NOTE: Custom campaigns are only available for Leads and Trials. It will be coming soon for Memberships. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

To get started, visit the Automation section > Custom Campaigns > and create a new campaign:





STEP 1 – Who can enter your campaign

  1. Edit the name of your campaign.

2. Select Leads.

  • "Exclude Duplicate Leads from this campaign." This will exclude any lead that has a duplicate email ensuring that there is only one email sent to duplicate emails.

  • "Only add new leads to this campaign" If checked, only newly added leads that meet the condition(s) will be added to the campaign.
    If unchecked, all current and newly added leads that meet the condition(s) will be added to the campaign. **See below steps for conditions.

3. Keep your campaign inactive and turn it active when you are ready for your campaign to begin.



STEP 2 – Add leads to campaign with the following conditions

To add conditions to your campaign, click the green link "Add or edit conditions". Once clicked a menu will populate to the left-hand side of the screen.

  1. Click the green plus button to add a condition. To delete, click the red minus button.

  2. Choose from Status, Program Interest, and Source for your campaign. Add multiple conditions, or have just one. **NOTE: You will need to have at least one condition to run a campaign.

  3. If you have multiple conditions an "AND" "OR" button will appear. Toggle to "And" if all conditions must be met. Toggle to "Or" if only one of the conditions must be met.

To Learn more about conditions. Please click here.





STEP 3 – "MyStudio will execute these steps on the specified days at"

  1. Schedule the time you want the email to be sent.

  2. Select your timezone.

  3. Add an email.

When adding an email, choose between templates that have already been created or create your own template by clicking "create a new template".

When clicking on a pre-saved email you can view/edit the email by clicking "View/Edit Email"


Choose to send the email immediately or choose from day 1 to day 90 and set up multiple days for your campaign. Click here to learn more.


After creating your email and selecting how it will be sent. Click "SAVE"



STEP 4 How do leads exit your campaign?

If you would like leads to be removed from the list after they satisfy certain conditions, please check the box next to "Remove leads who satisfy your conditions 1 condition(s) added".


Then click "add or edit condition" to select what conditions need to be met for a lead to be removed from the campaign.



To find out more about conditions, please click here.


After you have added the appropriate conditions you can save without starting, or save and start your campaign.


NOTE: Please remember to turn your campaign to active at the top right-hand corner to ensure that your campaign will start.


Violá! Your Email Campaign is ready to be sent!


To learn how to manage your custom campaigns click here!