Manage Your Participants - Programs

View, edit, and manage all program registrations

Use your All Customers > Participants > Programs section to view, edit, and manage all your Program registrations.



Navigating the Programs Section

Easily sort your Programs list by All/Registered/Attendance, Program Categories, and current status (Active, On Hold, or Canceled/Compelted)


Select a Program Category to select specific Memberships within that category.



Select students and send mobile messages, emails, or export a CSV file:


Select "Add New Participant to manually add a new Program registration -- you will need to choose to manually add an individual member or migrate a list of members.


Quickly update a member's Rank by clicking the green Rank name and updating it:


Lastly, view your member's full Program Information by clicking the Participant name:




Program Information

Navigate through your member's Program Information tabs to view their membership details, custom registration info, payment details, attendance details, and the member's history/notes.


You can also use this page to send your member an email or message, link directly to their Participant profile, update their rank, and view current attendance and past due payments:



Membership Details

  • Change the Membership status (Hold or Cancel)

  • Transfer the member from one program or membership to another

  • Edit the Membership Start Date and End Date (for non Open-Enrollment memberships)

  • Update the Attendance Limits specifically for this member

  • Adjust Membership Fee and Payment Dates (PLEASE NOTE: clicking the pencil icon here will redirect you to the Payments page, scroll down to learn more!)

  • Download your Member's signed Agreement & Waiver


Participant Fields and Registration Fields



Payment Details

  • View full history of payments made (if any) for this Membership including past, upcoming, and past due payments

  • Send the member their full payment history:

  • Click an upcoming payment to edit the fee and/or due date OR apply a credit (manual, cash, or check)

  • Add additional payments to your membership easily and quickly with one time or recurring payments:

  • Re-run all Pasut Due/Failed Payments at once or click a single payment to apply a credit or charge:


Attendance Details

Membership History

  • View membership related history, such as registration date, updates to start/end date, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking the history notes will redirect you to all notes for this participant on their Participant Profile: