Primary Customer Profiles

View all of the functions and features of the Buyer Information Section in All Customers

The Buyer Information section provides an in-depth look at all of your customer's payments, registrations, participants, communication history, and MORE!


Click on any Buyer's Name in the All Customer's Section to get started:


NOTE: You will be taken to the Buyer Profile no matter where you click the Buyer's Name (Search All, Primary Customers, Additional Users, and App Users).


The only exception to this is Particpant Profiles -- learn more HERE!


From here, you will be able to view the Buyer Information Summary for that individual buyer!



On the left side menu you can view the Buyer's Total Payments:


And how long they has been a customer with you:


You can also disable access to the Member Portal:


NOTE: You can only do this if the Buyer has logged into the app before (either through the webapp link or through the app on their device). If they have not logged into the app, these are the options that will be shown:


Confirm if the Buyer has a member app login under the "Member Portal" column in the main All Customers section:


Learn more about disabling member app access here.


You can also use the menu to send the Buyer an email:


In-App or SMS text message:


Or add a membership/trial/retail/event/etc:



The left side menu will also let you navigate between the five sections for the buyer:

  • Summary

  • Info

  • Communication

  • Payments

  • Notes


In this section, in addition to seeing the Total Payments processed for the Buyer, you can also see a breakdown of the total payments for their Class/Appointment Registrations, Membership Registrations, Event Registrations, Retail Purchases, Trial Registrations, and Miscellaneous Charges.


Expand each section to reveal additional information:


Click on a green name to be taken to the corresponding Class/Appointment Registration, Membership registration, Event order, Retail purchase, Trial registration, Miscellaneous charge, or Lead interest.



The next section is the Buyer's Info:


From here, update and add Buyer's Payment Methods and Buyer Information such address, email, phone, additional email for notifications.


Use the Participant Information section to update your Participants' names and birthdays or merge your participants together.



You can also add Additional Users.


PLEASE NOTE: This is different from adding an email for notifications as these are members who need access to the buyer profile information (except for payment information) and restricted areas such as Class Scheduler and Resources.


Learn more about adding Additional Users and Merging Accounts here.



In this section, you can view your past communication with the Buyer including In-App Mobile Messages (#1) and Emails (#2).


Clicking either option will show you your past communication in more detail.



The fourth section is the Payments section.


View your full Payment History for the Buyer as well as their Upcoming and Past Due bills.


Click on any of the green payment dates to be taken to the Membership, Event, Trial, Retail, etc. Payment Details for that particular purchase.



The fifth and final section is the Notes section.


Here, you can click the Add Note button and add any additional notes you need for this particular buyer profile.


Click Add Note to save it to the profile for future reference.