Primary Customers - Overview

Welcome to All Customers > Primary Customers!


From here you can:

  • View all of your Primary Customer's profiles including their purchase summary, payment history, notes, general info, participants associated with their account, and past communications

  • Send emails, push messages, or SMS texts to one, multiple, or all Primary Customers

  • Restrict access to the member portal

  • and export a CSV file with your Primary Customer's information

To get started, visit the All Customers section and click on Primary Customers


Use the search bar to look up a specific Primary Customer and select one, all, or multiple to email, send a push message or SMS text, turn off Member Portal Access, delete, export a CSV of their information, or (coming soon) add them to an automated campaign.



Click on a Primary Customer's name to navigate to their unique profile:



PLEASE NOTE: Primary Customers are uniquely identified by their email address and any registration made with that email address will automatically map to that customer profile.


If any typos or incorrect emails have been input, you will need to merge the two buyer profiles and delete the one you don't need. Learn more about how to do this here!