Use your All Customers > Participants > Events section to view, edit, and manage all your Program registrations.

Navigating the Events Section

Easily sort your Events list by Live/Past/Draft, Event Categories, specific Event Dates, and Orders/Cancellations & Refunds

Select an Event category to select a specific event dates within that category.

Select students and send mobile messages, emails, or export a CSV file:

Select "Add New Participant" to manually add a new event registration.

This will redirect you to your Point of Sale where you can finish inputting all of the member/participant information:

Lastly, view your participant's full Event Information by clicking the Participant name:

Event Information

Navigate through your participant's Event Information tabs to view their event details, participant info, event history, and payment details.

Event Details

Participant Info

Event History

  • View membership related history such as registration dates or cancellations

  • Add new notes and Event History

Payment Details

  • View full history of payments made (if any) for this Event

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