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How-To: Snow Day Camp!

School closed for inclement weather? No problem! Check out our list of recommended steps to set up your event and promote it successfully!

So your school district just announced that it’s closed due to inclement weather… now what?


Well if the roads are safe enough for you to still be open for business, then this is the perfect time for you to operate a Snow Day Camp!


Keep reading to see how MyStudio can help you get your event set up, marketed, and fully ready to go...




Step 1: Event Set Up


First things first, you’ll need to set up the event in MyStudio.


Visit Services and Products > Events > and click “Add Event” in the upper right-hand corner. This is where you'll build out your event!



Choose to either make a single event (a good option if you don’t have snow days very often) or add an event category with multiple event dates (meaning you could add more snow days to this category in the future).



Step 2: Reach Out Via Email and Text


Once you have your camp set up exactly the way you want it, the next step is to communicate with your current customers and let them know it’s available - sending them the link to register.


You can find this link on your main events page:


and under the event details when you’re editing the event:


Send these links to your customers via SMS Text or in-app message to make sure they get it right on their phone!



We recommend checking the “Also send email” box in the upper right-hand corner to make sure your customers also receive the message via email:



Your customers are more likely to quickly check and respond to a text message but by also sending an email you can help make sure that everyone has the same message available to them.



Step 3: Promote Your Event On Your Website


Great! So you’ve set up the event itself and sent out communications for it to your current students, leads, and trials… what’s next?


Well, you want to market to brand new customers so add a banner right at the top of your website that automatically links them to the event!


You can find the MyStudio Website Builder under Sales Channels > Business Website.


Click Banner and Header to turn on and edit your message:



Use the link option to search for your snow day camp and add a link directly to the event.


Now, when anyone visits your website they’ll see your announcement right at the top and clicking it will redirect them to the event where they can register!


Learn more about your website banner and header here or check out all our articles on how to build your MyStudio website here!



Step 4: Task Management


Do you have any other specific tasks you need to take care of for the Snow Day Camp? If so, create tasks for you and your team in the MyStudio Task Manager (under Operations > Task Manager)



You can use this system to add tasks like:

  • Calling members to promote your event

  • Following up with brand new students who attend the camp once it’s over

  • Setting up any games, tasks, activities, etc. that you need for your camp

  • And more - this can be used to suit any of your studio’s needs!



You Did It!


Snow Day Camps are a huge added value and trust for your customers - giving them a safe and reliable place to leave their children when they still have to go to work.


Additionally, it brings in some extra revenue AND it’s a great opportunity to meet new leads and potential future students, if anyone who is not currently your student takes advantage of the camp!


Got any additional questions? Feel free to reach out to our team via our chat support or by email at success@mystudio.academy and we'll be happy to help!