Attendance and Attendance Portal Overview

An overview of MyStudio's attendance system including attendance tracking, the attendance portal, and manual attendance

Our Attendance system allows you to sign students in for classes and track their attendance over time.


To get started, go to Operations > Attendance and view your Attendance Dashboard:


Here you will have access to your Attendance Portal (both the launch button and the URL) as well as a quick overview of some of your attendance numbers. You can also turn on your attendance reports and adjust their send time:



The Attendance Portal


Click "Launch Attendance Check In Portal" to open up your Attendance Portal and start logging student's attendance:


The system will automatically launch in "locked" mode, meaning your students are able to use it and they will not be able to access your settings.


Click the lock in the upper right-hand corner and enter your credentials to unlock the screen and access your settings:


Click the date/calendar to adjust the date of sign-in for your attendance (it will default to today's date):


Click "Settings" in the upper right-hand corner to launch your Attendance Settings pop-up:



Attendance Settings


Turning off this option allows you to view drop-in students or students who do not have a current active trial/program (including canceled members).



This option allows students to register for your classes/appointments during sign-in.


PLEASE NOTE: Turning this off means you can only log attendance for students in classes that they are already registered for.


This option will include a "Drop-in class/appointment" option that students can register and check in for during attendance.


This means you can log their attendance without tying it to a specific class/appointment!


Turning this option off means that students can only log attendance for existing classes/appointments.


Choose to show your attendance by names or by classes.


The names view is the default (shown above) and the class option will look like this:


Choose how your participant names are displayed by either showing:

  • all participants (as shown above)

  • only registered participants (meaning participants who are already registered for a class/appointment)

  • or no names at all/search only (this is a good option when students are signing themselves in, for added security).



Choose to show all your class times for the specific check-in day or just display classes within a certain time frame:


You can adjust the number of minutes before/after the current time when classes will be shown - helping limit the number of classes available for check-in.


Lastly, adjust what information is displayed for each participant.


Name and Program will always be shown but you can choose to show their birthday, specific membership, current rank, and progress towards next rank if you would like.



Logging Attendance


To log a students attendance, simply click on their name in the display screen:


This will pull up a side pop-up that allows you to register and check in this student for class.


If they are already registered for a class, you can simply click "check in" right away:


If a student has more than one membership/trial/program with you, you will need to first select which program you want to register the attendance with:


Once a student has been registered/check in, you will see a check mark appear by their name:


And this attendance will now appear under their program registration and participant profile in the All Customers section: