Participant Attendance Records (Plus How To: Manually Add/Delete Attendance)

View your participant's past attendance dates plus learn how to add/remove additional dates from their attendance record

You can view your participant's past attendance history by visiting your All Customers section.


These records can be accessed via Participants > Programs/Trials > Participant's Name > Attendance (to specifically view attendance for just that membership/program/trial):


OR by going to Participants > View All > Participant's name (to view all attendance for a specific student, regardless of what trial/membership/program it is associated with):



Both options will have Attendance listed on the left side menu. Select this to pull up the student's attendance record:


Use the drop down menu, to select specific programs/memberships/trials to view attendance for or view the attendance records for all:



Forget to sign in a student or accidentally sign them in for a class they didn't attend? No problem! You can easily add or delete attendance from this page as well.


Add Attendance


To add an attendance record, click the green "Log Attendance" button:


From here, fill in the information on the pop-up window for the specific class in question:


You will now see the new time, added onto the attendance history and calendar:


PLEASE NOTE: if you try and log attendance for a class with drop-in pricing, your Point of Sale will launch automatically and prompt you to pay for that class.


Select the "log by time" option to simply sign the student in for a drop-in class/time.


This will log attendance without tying it to a specific class/appointment in your calendar.


PLEASE NOTE: Your old attendance records from before our Attendance system update have defaulted to "attendance by time"


Delete Attendance


To delete any attendance you don't want, simply click the trash icon next to the specific date/attendance info in your Attendance History:


It's that easy!