All Customers - Overview

Customer control center - Manage, your customers change their payment method, add additional users and much more!

Your All Customers section is a control panel that makes managing your customers easy!

  • Communicate with your customers, app users, and additional users!

  • Export all registration and payment information for one member or multiple members.

  • Change their payment method all in one centralized location!

  • Disable Member App access.

Either search for a specific customer, user, or participant or select a specific category to view all.


Who is a "Primary Customer"?

A Primary Customer is anyone who has shown interest in your programs (i.e. leads) or has registered for a membership, event, trial, class, or purchased a retail item!


Who are "Participants"?

Participants are the actual registered participants for a specific membership, event, trial, or class (NOTE: the Primary Customer can also be the Participant).


Who are "Additional Users"?

Additional users are members who need access to all info associated with the buyer profile (except payment method) and also need access to restricted areas such as Class Scheduler and Resources.


For more information about adding additional users CLICK HERE!


Who are "App Users"?

App Users are members who have logged into your member portal but have not made any purchases or registrations.






The icon menu bar allows easy communication with your customers, the ability to disable a customer's access to the member app, and an easy download of a CSV file pertaining to the member's registrations and payments.


Send An Email

To send an email to your buyer(s)/member(s), select the buyer(s)/member(s) and click on the Email icon in the menu bar.

The edit email box will populate with their email address(es). Edit your email and send away!


Send A Push Message or SMS Text

Select the buyer(s)/member(s) and click on the message icon in the menu bar.

The message dialogue box will populate with your buyer/member. Type your message, select In-App or SMS and click send!


Disable Member App Access

Select the buyer(s)/member(s) and click on the disable app access icon in the menu bar.

A message will populate: "Are you sure you would like to disable Member Portal access for the selected customers?" Click "Disable Access".


To find out more about Disabling a customer's Member App Access CLICK HERE!


Delete a Customer

Select the buyer(s)/member(s) and click on the trash icon in the menu bar.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be able to delete App Users and Additional Users, not Primary Customers. Deleting an Additional User will move all of their registration/payment history to the Primary Customer they are associated with.



Download a CSV file of the Customer's Payment/Registration History


Select the buyer(s)/member(s) and click on the download icon from the menu bar.

A message will populate:: "Do you want to download CSV file for selected members?"

Click "OK".

A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.


Add To An Email Campaign



Customers with multiple participants


Customers that have multiple participants will be indicated by a drop-down arrow in the Member Name section. To view the multiple participants - click the drop-down arrow.


Buyer Information


Access the Buyer Profile for any of your customers by clicking on their green name:


For more information on the Buyer Profiles, CLICK HERE!